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Our employment solicitors deal with claims arising in London and throughout the country as a result of employment disputes including redundancy, sexual and racial discrimination and harassment and wrongful, unfair or constructive dismissal on a no win no fee* basis. There are very short limitation periods regarding applications to the Employment Tribunal and advice from a solicitor should be obtained as soon as possible after termination of employment.


Any termination of employment must be reasonable and be carried out in a reasonable manner. An employer must usually issue warnings about unacceptable behaviour prior to termination. An employer is required to investigate thoroughly and be able to justify his actions and if he fails to do so a claim for unfair dismissal can be made to the Employment Tribunal in London or any other major UK city which must be satisfied that the job termination was fair for one of five permitted reasons which are conduct, capability to do the work, redundancy, illegality or some other substantial reason. The period of employment must normally have been for one year or more.

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal arises as a result of a serious breach of the work contract by the employer which is unacceptable to the employee and entitles the employee to resign and claim compensation from the employer.


Redundancy occurs if the termination of employment is due to the business closing down, or if the business continues and there is reduced need for workers of the employee's type. The employee must have been continuously employed by the employer for 2 years at the date of the termination however some categories of employees are excluded from making a claim.

Race Discrimination

Our specialist employment solicitors are able to give detailed advice on The Race Discrimination Act which covers the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin and some religious groups. Those protected against race discrimination, victimisation and harassment include job recruitment applicants, employees, self-employed and contract workers. Behaviour covered includes racist jokes and banter, innuendos, offensive language, practical jokes, notes and emails containing insults, display of racist publications, physical assault and racist terminology.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is conduct which is offensive, unwelcome and unreasonable which results in a humiliating, hostile or intimidating environment at work and may include;

  • requests for sexual favours
  • suggestive remarks or gestures
  • insensitive jokes
  • lewd comments
  • innuendos
  • fondling or touching
  • forwarding inappropriate emails
  • pestering for attention
  • unwelcome advances
  • accessing pornographic websites
  • threats of, or actual, sexual violence
  • displays of unacceptable material including pin-up calendars or graffiti

Employment Tribunal

Applications to determine the amount of compensation payable for redundancy and constructive or unfair dismissal can raise complex legal issues and it is essential to obtain advice as soon as possible. Applications are made to the Employment Tribunal which was previously called the Industrial Tribunal. The Employment Tribunal has wide powers to award compensation or to order the employer to reinstate the employee back to his former job.

Our employment solicitors deal exclusively in employment matters in London and throughout the UK and are able to pursue or negotiate claims and can provide representation anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you would like to talk confidentially to an experienced lawyer just send an email, use the helpline or send the contact form.


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