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Our solicitors specialise in UK redundancy law and act on behalf of clients using the no win no fee scheme which means that if your solicitor does not succeed in obtaining compensation on your behalf then your solicitor will not get paid.

Redundancy can in the right circumstances be a fair reason for dismissal, however, there are other situations where the employee may still have a case for substantial compensation for unfair dismissal dependent on the facts of each individuals case.

Compensation Awards

If there is reduced need for workers of the employee's type or if the entire business closes down and the dismissed employee has been continuously employed by the employer for 2 years then compensation is payable.

Employers are required to provide a written financial statement and any claim should be made to a London Employment Tribunal within 6 months of the employment terminating however the London Employment Tribunal does have a discretion in certain restricted circumstances to extend this period by a further six months.

Unreasonable Dismissal

There are circumstances where a genuine situation exists but the dismissal is still unfair if the employer acted unreasonably in treating it as a sufficient reason for dismissing the employee determined in accordance with equity and the merits of each individual case. The tribunal in making its decision will take account off:-

  • whether the employer has given reasonable notice of his proposed action
  • whether the selection criteria has been applied fairly
  • whether there was the possibility of alternative employment

Alternative Employment

If an employee is offered suitable alternative employment he or she may still refuse to accept and still make a claim if the refusal was reasonable after consideration of personal circumstances including health and family commitments. In such cases UK redundancy law allows a trial period of 4 weeks in the new job for assessment and the subsequent right to claim if the new job is unsuitable.

Employment Solicitors

Specialist employment solicitors deal exclusively in employment matters and are able to pursue or negotiate claims and can provide representation in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you would like to talk confidentially to an experienced solicitor just use the helpline, email or complete and send the contact form.

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